Wine is the drink for any occasion. If you are planning to throw a simply party with just a few family and friends or if you’re planning a grand event with the most sought after members of the society attending it doesn’t matter, you can always have wine as the first choice of beverage. Because it’s a drink that suits any occasion and can be paired with most varieties of food cuisines. So you would not have a problem serving it with the theme you have in mind for your occasion. It’s the type of beverage that blends well in any situation that you put it in. fits in well anywhere. And what’s more you find that most people tend to enjoy wine with their meal more than any other type of alcohol containing spirit. So if you are in a conundrum about the type of beverage to serve at your event your safest bet would the wine. So here is a list of wines that can help you out to make your great choice

The Syrah

The Syrah or the Shiraz as most people know it is the same type of wine. In the European countries they tend to call it Syrah. This is a drink made from the Syrah grape which is a dark red skinned grape. And it is quite popular in countries like Australia, California and France. And it is increasingly gaining popularity in other countries around the world as well. It’s an excellent drink that can be paired with meat whether its stake or stews. It has a rich aroma with flavors of black pepper spice. This hint of spice adds to the rich flavor of the drink.


A common name that most of us have heard of it is different to the French wine mentioned above. This drink is produced from the merlot wine grape which is the fourth highest selling group of grapes in the wine industry. It’s a type of beverage that can be paired with any type of food and will be an excellent choice for any occasion, big or small. You find this drink in herbal, plum and blackberry flavors commonly.

Cabernet sauvignon

It is considered one of the world’s nice wines and is widely used in countries around the world. And is best served paired with red meat cooked simply. It is generally used mixed with merlot and other varieties of wine.